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Redressal of Complaints

Bank of Baroda (Botswana) Ltd follows voluntary code of conduct with a view to set high standard of good banking practice. Customers are entitled to voice their grievances and to offer suggestions. We believe that complaints reveal inherent adequacies in the organization and it gives room for the bank to improve. Customers’ complaints are taken in an unbiased manner with open mind. After ascertaining the full facts the bank tries to resolve the complaints. Where a mistake is on the part of the bank or staff member is apparent we don’t hesitate in taking apology and rectifying the mistake immediately.

Procedure for Handling Complaints


  1. Complaint box is provided at prominent place in banking hall of all our branches which is opened at 3 PM on first working day of every week by the branch manager. All the complaints / suggestions received are noted in the complaint register.
  2. Customer may also handover their complaints/suggestions to any of the staff member/enquiry counter or to the branch manager himself who will note the complaint so received in the complaint register

All complaints shall be acknowledged by the branch manager immediately. Wherever necessary the above communication will indicate the action taken/ proposed to be taken by the branch and also convey the bank’s feeling for the inconvenience caused.  
When the nature of complaint is such that action cannot be taken immediately an interim reply shall be given and time frame given for reply.

Making a complaint to the bank will not become a ground for taking a rigid/vindictive attitude towards our feelings with customer

Efforts will be made to resolve the complaints as early as possible but not later than 21 days

The customer will be communicated in writing about the solution. The communication also state that in case the bank does not get reply within 10 days of receipt of the letter, the complaint will be treated as closed.

If customer complaints remain unresolved customer may complain to banking Adjudicator at no cost.