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Premium Saving Bank account


A unique Savings Bank account which gives you much higher interest rate coupled with high liquidity and cheque book facility

The only bank in Botswana where you may  open Savings Bank account with Cheque Book facility and  no restriction on withdrawal. The new   Baroda Premium Savings Bank account earns for you rate of interest much higher i.e. 6.25% p.a. with full liquidity and also other benefits.
Depositors earn very high return i.e.6.25% p.a. (which gives annual yield of 6.43% p.a.)on their balances plus other benefits.

Interest is applied from day one, every quarter on daily product basis. Annual yield therefore works out to 6.43% p.a.



  • Unlimited free cheque books.
  • Unlimited number of withdrawals without any restrictions.
  • Free and at par issue of Banker’s cheque for their personal use.
  • Full access to your money deposited in the account.
  • Saving of precious time every month by giving standing instructions for your periodical payments/remittances for utilities, insurance premium, etc.
  • Employer of the depositors can pay salary directly into account.
  • Free transfer of funds within the Branch and other branches of our Bank.
  • Inter bank fund transfer allowed at minimum cost
  • Minimum Charges for various services.
  • No hidden cost unlike other banks 

Account may be opened by individuals – Singly or jointly, trusts, associations, clubs

Minimum balance:
Minimum balance for the above account should not be less than BWP 100,000.00. Account maintenance charges of BWP 700 + Vat per quarter is chargeable if minimum balance of BWP 100,000.00 is not maintained in the account.

Closure of account 100 + vat if account is closed after 12 months of opening. Charges for closure of account within 12 months of opening of account will be P 500 + vat. 

Interest is subject to withholding tax as applicable from time to time.