Wide global network

Bank of Baroda started its overseas journey by opening its first branch way back in 1953 in Mombassa, Kenya. Since then the Bank has come a long way in expanding its international network to serve NRls/PIOs, Indian Corporates around the world and to meet the banking requirements of the local population in the country of operation. The Bank has transformed into International Bank.

The Bank has significant international presence with a network of 87 branches / offices in 24 countries including 55 branches/offices of the Bank, 30 branches of its 8 Subsidiaries and 2 Representative Offices in Thailand and Australia. The Bank also has a Joint Venture in Zambia with 14 branches

The Bank has presence in world's major financial centers i.e. New York, London, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Bank of Baroda is pursuing an ambitious overseas expansion plan and is in the process of identifying/opening more overseas centers for increasing its global presence to serve its 43 million global customers in still better way.

Bank is expanding the branch network in UAE, Oman, Mauritius, New Zealand, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania, Ghana and Guyana etc. It has further plans to upgrade its Representative Offices in Australia to a branch and set up a Joint venture Commercial Bank in Malaysia.

Bank helps customers to open their account with any of the overseas branches of parent bank by ensuring KYC guidelines and also in placement of customer’s funds

Bank also offers issue of Bank guarantee and opening of letter of credit on behalf of our customers in any part of the world through wide network of branches of parent bank and correspondence banking relationship.

Customers can remit fund freely internationally in following currencies through TT/ Rapid Fund facility:-
1. INR
2. USD
3. GBP
5. ZAR
Please contact the our nearest branch for further details

Rapid Funds2 IndiaA unique and exclusive express remittance scheme specially designed for overseas Indians

  • Key Features:
  • Eligibility:
    Any person having an account with any Bank in India
  • Limit:
    There is no limit on maximum and minimum remittance
  • Time taken for credit into account in India:
    1. Account with any branch of Bank of Baroda in India – Same day of remittance
    2. Account with any other bank in India- Second day of remittance –Second day of remittance
  • Bank charges in Botswana:
    1. To Bank of Baroda branches in India –
    Minimum –P50, Maximum-P150 plus VAT
    2. To other bank in India –0.25%minimum P40&maximum P250plus swift
    Charges and Vat
  • Bank charges in India:

Non residents Indian who are having account with any of our branch in Botswana can open their Non Resident External account in India through our branches. The following documents are required to open NRE account in India

1. 1 Complete Application form

2. Specimen signature card

3. 2 Passport size photos

4. Copy of Passport

5. Copy of Residence Permit

6. Copy of work Permit

7. Residential Address proof

8. Initial remittance minimum Rs5000/-

a) Demand Draft in ZAR, USD and INR
b) NRE Account in India
c) International Remittance in specified currencies only
d) LC opening
e) Collection of bills (Foreign Inward Bills and Foreign outward Bills)

1. Opening of NRE account

2. Remittance to India

Net Banking