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Isago Saving Account

Unique Savings account with P100 Minimum balance and No account maintenance charges with Debit Card facility and Free Internet Banking facility


Eligibility to Open the account:


 Account may be opened by any   individual either singly or jointly. Monthly income of the depositor should not exceed P5000 and annual credit in account should not exceed P60000.


Special Features of the account:

  • Bank of Baroda (Botswana) Ltd  offers you Isago Savings Bank account with P100 only
  • Minimum balance required is P100
  • Customer can open account with zero balance and the minimum initial deposits may be made within 3 days of opening the account.
  • No restrictions on number of withdrawals
  • Full liquidity and flexibility in operation of the account.


Highest Return

Depositors earn very high return on their balances in Isago Savings Bank Account. Rate of interest varies with the average balance in the account as under:

Interest is applied from day one, every month on daily product basis. Annual yield therefore works out to even more.


Conversion facility to Poelo Saving or Premium Saving Account:

The Isago Saving account may be converted into Poelo Saving Bank account or Premium Saving Bank account after depositing the required minimum amount.


Other Positive Features

  • Debit Card/ATM card is available on request.
  • Free Internet banking facility.
  • Saving of precious time every month by giving standing instructions for your periodical payments/remittances for utilities, insurance premium, etc.
  • Employer of the depositors can pay salary directly into account through EFT.
  • Free transfer of funds within the Branch and other branches of our Bank.
  • Inter bank fund transfer allowed at minimum cost
  • No hidden cost.